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Organizational culture, behavior, diversity, communication, ethics

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Write a paper in which you explain the following key concepts and terminology:

o Organizational culture and behavior
o Diversity
o Communication
o Business Ethics
o Change Management

Describe the observable aspects of each of the above.
Provide a brief analysis of the culture and behavior of the organization Wal-Mart.

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Culture and Behavior of Wal-Mart

The organization culture mainly focuses on the system of rules, values, beliefs and shared activities that assist the managers in directing and controlling the employees of different culture (Lichtenstein, 2005). The culture of the company does not follow the integrity and honesty for their employees. The company was charged by the labor department of United States of America for the violation of the labor law (Organizational culture of Wal-Mart, 2007). The company does not provide appropriate compensation and health benefits to the employees (Boushey, 2005).

Employees are free to share their views and ideas to the management, which assist in effective decision making process (Wal-Mart and Organizational Culture, 2001). The culture of the organization is corrupted and the higher management leads discrimination on the basis of sex, age, religion, color, etc. The culture of the company is corrupted, so it is necessary for the firm to improve the culture of the organization and performance of the employees (Bianco, et al. 2003).

Wal-Mart has culturally diverse employees at different regions of the world and with the assistance of its strong culture base, the organization easily and effectively manages its operations (Boyle, 2009). The organizational culture integrates the internal structure of the organization, which assist the organization in getting collective efforts of the employees in achieving goals and objectives of the organization. The management of workforce diversity assists the company in providing more satisfaction to the employees as well as the customers. It further assists in providing good human resource culture and establishing a strong cultural base in the organization (Lichtenstein, 2005).

Wal-Mart has been proven a diversity leader in the retail industry. In order to manage the wide range of employee, the company provides training and education to them, so that they can work with high ...

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Organizational culture, behavior, diversity, and ethics is examined in Wal-Mart.