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    Organizational behavior, culture, diversity, communication

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    1.) What are the desirable aspects of:

    Organizational Behavior
    Organizational Culture

    2.) Brief analysis of the culture and behavior of the U.S. Navy.

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    Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts
    1.) What are the desirable aspects of:
    Organizational behavior
    Organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in an organization. The aspects of it evolve around elements of performance, individual satisfaction, personal growth and development. All of these elements build the framework for the model of organization behavior ("Leadership and Organizational Behavior", 2011).

    Organizational Culture
    Organizational culture reflects the beliefs, values, and norms that characterize an organization as a whole. Therefore, values, beliefs and norms are the desirable aspects of culture within an organization. Organizational values reflect what is important to the organization which may be the principle guidance for behavior for the members within the organization ("Organizational Culture", 2011). Organizational beliefs include beliefs about the organization's best way to achieve its goals such as job productivity and job motivation. And organizational norms just show the ...

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    Organizational behavior, culture, diversity and communications are examined.