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Organizational Culture

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Explain the following key concepts and terminology:

o Organizational culture
o Organizational behavior
o Diversity
o Communication

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741 words; 5 references; discussion of the 4 key concepts and terminology in organizations

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o Organizational culture

Organizational culture pertains to the shared values, beliefs and behaviors of the members of the organization (Kennedy). As members of an organization solve its problems, they develop a pattern of shared assumptions and as they learn them, the culture of the organization is being shaped. The organization considers these solutions as valid and should be taught to the new members of the organization as the organization's way of perceiving, thinking, and feeling in relation to the problems encountered. The culture of an organization interprets the core beliefs of the organizations in which the decisions are made. No two organizations have exactly the same culture. Each organization has its own unique special culture.

If an organization has a positive culture, it reinforces the behaviors and core beliefs that the leader of the organization desires and it rejects the values and actions that the leader doesn't like. An organization with a negative culture becomes toxic as it poisons the life of the organization and becomes a hindrance in future growth. The culture of an organization is greatly affected by its leader and his/her values. The leader is the most obvious variable that impacts the organization's culture. The members of the organization and their influence are variables that impact the culture of the ...

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