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Organizational Culture

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What is Organizational Culture, and how does it impact Managers and Management?

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The solution discusses Organizational Culture, and how it impacts Managers and Management.

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What is Organizational Culture, and how does it impact Managers and Management?

Sources :
www.sc.doe.gov/sc-5/benchmark/ Ch%2011%20Organizational%20Culture%2006.08.02.pdf

The culture of the organization, consists of two components: 1) Organizational Culture which is made up of the dominant values and beliefs, and norms, which have developed over time and have become relatively enduring features of organizational life and 2) Management Style which is more a matter of what the managers do than what they say; (How do a company's managers spend their time? What are they focusing attention on?) .

Why is organizational culture important for managers and management?

Culture was initially seen as a means of enhancing internal integration and coordination. However, now it is being recognized that culture is also important in adapting to the environment. ...

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