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The Role of Organizations in Organizational Culture

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Do you think that there is a role for organizations to strengthen their organizational culture by defining rules of engagement, preferred leadership style, preferred decision making process or at a deeper level, defining values and norms?

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This solution provides information regarding the organization's role in strengthening it's organizational culture, specifically in regards to mission, vision, values, leadership, decision making, etc. In addition to explaining the role of the organization in determining organizational culture, this solution provides current resources (articles and websites) that discuss the importance of organizational cultural development/ improvement.

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I believe there are a number of components associated with organizational culture. The organizational culture is often set forth by the employees of the organization and then reinforced through a variety of methods. Watkins (2013) stated, "This is a problem, because without a reasonable definition (or definitions) of culture, we cannot hope to understand its connections to other key elements of the organization, such as structure and incentive systems." Organizations must define who they are, what they are about, and what their organization seeks to represent or ultimately, they lose their sense of being.

Many organizational development theorists argue that organizational culture comes from the top down. The leaders of an organization are said to determine how the organizational culture is run. It is important to remember that organizational cultures possess qualities and characters that are seen ...

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