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    Organizational Culture's Affect on Leadership Theories Used

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    How the organizational culture could affect the leadership theories used in an organization and how culture influences organizational change. The complexity of the health care organizational system and the role crisis plays in moving a system to change, and the role of the transformational leader in a culture of continuous change.

    Please provide a literature reference list with response.

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    Organizational culture can affect the leadership theories used in an organization, due to the fact that the strength or weakness of an organization's organizational culture will play a large role in making a determination as to the leadership theories that are most applicable to that organization. Strong organizational cultures usually are cultures that are culturally inclusive, have strong leadership, a great deal of employee pride and loyalty to the organization, and invest highly in employee training and improvement. Organizations of this nature require that the leadership theories used are more functional in nature, due to the fact that the effectiveness of the leader in organizations of this nature will be gauged by the overall effectiveness and efficiency of ...