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    Organizational commitment and communication

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    1,050- to 1,750-word paper in APA format that explains the following:

    o Explain how different leadership styles would affect group communication in Starbucks.
    o Analyze the different sources of power found in Starbucks. How might those different sources of power affect group and organizational communication?
    o Given the culture in place at Starbucks, identify the motivational theories that would be effective within that culture. Evaluate the role of communication as an element of these theories.
    o Describe the commitment of the workforce to the organization and their relationship to the organization's communication.

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    o Explain how different leadership styles would affect group communication in starbucks;
    At Starbucks if the leadership style used was autocratic, orders would be given to partners and they will be expected to follow the orders. The communication will be one sided, that from the leader to the followers. If the leadership style was bureaucratic, the leader will point out the Starbucks procedures to each worker (partner) and they will be expected to follow the rules any infraction from the rules would invite reprimands(Read. P,O, 2006). If Starbucks has a charismatic leader he will emanate charm and energy to the employees. His personal attention will have the effect of energizing the persons and making them feel very special; those that meet his will feel empowered and will put in greater effort to achieve Starbucks goals, mission and vision. The great belief that a Charismatic leader may have will rub onto the employees and energize them. If the leadership style is participative, then the leaders will invite the partners to contribute to the decision making process. The leader will invite suggestions from all partners including temporary workers so that he gets the opinion of from different levels of the company. So, the communication will be two way. He may get suggestions about the décor of the stores, the menu and the discount schemes.
    If the leadership style is Liassez-Faire, the leader will not interfere in the work of Starbucks partners (Miner, J2005),. The leader will monitor what is happening at different stores of Starbucks and will communicate back with the employees on a regular basis. If this type of leadership style is used there will be limited exercise of power and some of the Starbucks stores that are performing poorly may suffer.
    If there is transactional leader at Starbucks he ...

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