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Organizational Change

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Format and finalize your final analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River. The final version should contain information from your incremental work in each unit and additional analysis of two new topics which are:

Organizational Change
Organizational Development

The steps of analysis are the same as those explained in unit 1 with one slight change in the content for step #1. Your document must also be a single version that combines elements of your earlier analytical work.

Step #1 Introduction and Background- notice the content in this step is different for this final paper. Rather than introduce the topics, you will briefly describe the pertinent history of the organization, including its mission, vision, goals, objectives and strategies.

Step #2 Organizational Analysis- provide the analysis of the 13 course topics. You may utilize sub-headings to ensure all 13 topics are analyzed.

The work you submit this week represents the version given to Kenneth Dailey and must: (1) include all necessary revisions to your earlier work, and (2) be of the quality necessary for submission to a client.

Objective: Outline the guidelines of managing change in work organizations.
Use effective communication techniques.
Discuss the implications of organizational structure and culture.
Identify the organizational behavior concepts and theories present in real business world examples.
Discuss the impact of technology on business.

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// Before writing about the Organizational Analysis, it is necessary to understand the concept of organization, including its mission, vision, goals, objectives and strategies. For this query, the main area of concern is FMC Corporation. So initially I am beginning with the introduction & background of FMC Green River//

FMC Corporation: Organizational Analysis of Green River Unit

The organizational behavior is a subset of management activities concerned with understanding, predicting and influencing the individual behavior in organizational settings. The organizational behavior of each organization has to face several challenges. These challenges are cross culture dynamics, workforce diversity, increasing workforce aspirations, increasing quality consciousness, newer organizational design, organizational commitment, pay and performance appraisal policies, organizational culture and structure, various aspects related to employees etc. The FMC Corporation also has various problems in its different units.

The Green River unit of FMC Corporation also has several problems in its organizational behavior. The main problems in the organizational behavior of the Green River unit are related with management ability, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, organizational ethics, goal setting and job design, career development, group & team work, leadership styles, communication process, organization culture, structure, change and development, performance appraisal systems, pay, etc. The given problems of FMC Green River unit can be resolved with some upgrading and changing the organizational practices followed by the management of the corporation (FMC Corporation, 2008).

The organizational behavior problems of the company can be resolved with a sequential analysis of the organizational behavior of the organization. The major steps of organizational behavior analysis of the Green River unit are introduction & background, organizational behavior analysis, alternatives, recommendation and implication of the contingency plan. All these steps would help the Green River unit to solve the problems of its organizational behavior.

Introduction & Background of FMC Green River

The manufacturing company, FMC Corporation is established in Chicago and operates its business function in the several units at different locations in order to grow its business concern. FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen are the two most renowned business units. Both the business units of FMC Corporation greatly contributed in the profitability and also boost up its market image and share. The Green River business unit was founded in the year 1948 and does its trading operations globally, in result to satisfy the demands of the specified customers. Mainly, this business plant of the FMC Corporation runs its business activities in manufacturing of chemicals. Large number of workers works under the FMC Green River (FMC Corporation, 2008).

The FMC Corporation face crucial problems related to the organization structure because of the large number of operating activities. The various other critical issues faced by the company related to the employees are job satisfaction, wages, ethics, communication, leadership practices, career development, etc. Kenneth Dailey, the site manager of the FMC Green River, want to solve the problem of organizational structure and culture by implementing some effective actions, so that he would be able to establish good relationship between its employees and also equality between the workers and the management staff of the Corporation.

In the FMC Corporation, vision is high level priority that explains the overall staff, step by step function and jump ahead. If the company effectively formulates its vision statement, then only it will be able to reach at its ultimate end point. Its vision is to attain and capture the largest market share or image in the international market and its environment. The mission of the company to boost up the productivity or profitability of the FMC Corporation; thus it offers the value or quality product to the various industries and also try their level best to keep soundly corporate culture. The objectives are the ends that state specifically how the goals shall be achieved. The main objective of the company is to make the end results operational in the efficient manner and also quantifiable. The main purpose to set the objectives is to help an organization in pursuing its vision and mission efficiently and effectively. Goals and set standards of the FMC Corporation are depicted below:

· Full utilization of the resources of the company.
· Boost up the profitability level by providing value or quality products.
· Promote the net sales and total assets through out the life of the company.
· High employee's satisfaction by availing them various fringe benefits such as security, free medical check ups, education facility to their children's, accommodation facility, etc.
· Welfare of the society and its member by fulfilling the various formalities such as payment of tax, charities, etc.
· Fulfill the personal requirements of the top management members.

The strategy formation by the FMC Green River unit is done in a systematic and planning way. The strategy is the determination of the basic long-term goals and objectives of an enterprise and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals. Strategies are the patterns of objectives, purposes, goals, mission and the major policies and plans and for achieving these goals stated in such a way so as to define what business the company is in or are to be and the kind of company it is.

As all other international companies, the Green River unit also makes its strategies at three levels including corporate strategy, business strategy and functional strategy. Corporate strategy of the Green River unit is related with its growth and stability. It is an overarching plan of action covering the various functions performed by different business areas of the company. The plans deal with the objectives of the company, allocation of resources and coordination of the business units for optimal performance (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005).

The business strategy is a comprehensive plan providing objectives for business units, allocation of resources among functional areas and coordination between them for making an optimal contribution to the achievement of the corporate level objectives. The business strategy of the company helps the company at two levels, competitive and corporative. The functional strategy of the company deals with a relatively restricted plan providing objectives for a specific function, allocation resources among different operations within that functional area and coordination between them for optimal contribution to the achievements of business units and corporate level objectives (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005).

// I am sure that the above explanation clearly demonstrates the importance of establishing goals and objectives. The only major consideration is that it should be done in a systematic and planned manner. For managing change in the organization, one should give due consideration to the Organization Behavior Analysis, for instance: //

Organization Behavior Analysis of Green River

The Green River unit's organization behavior analysis will be done under various aspects of the organizational behavior. The organizational behavior analysis of Green River will include the study of management ability, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, job design & goal setting, performance appraisal, pay systems, carrier development, groups and team work, leadership style, communication, organizational culture, organizational structure, organizational change and organizational developments.

Management Ability

The management ability of a company depends on the ability and skills of its employees and top management. The management of an organization can analyze its ability by the analysis of performance level of its employees at their related jobs. The performance levels of different units of FMC Corporation are different. The ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 4619 words with references.