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    Organization Development vis-a-vis organizational leadership

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    1. What is the role of Organization Development vis-a-vis organizational leadership?

    2. Who best implements change at the leadership level? Is it up to Organizational Development to point out the need for change? Or is it best initiated by the leaders themselves?

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    Role of Organizational Development and Leadership
    Organizational development and leadership performs different tasks, but their objectives are more or less similar. Organizational development is aimed to design organization (Anderson, 2011). In contrast to this, leadership is aimed to make changes in the current culture and working practices of organizations. Organizational development follows activities that are positive for increasing organizational effectiveness. On the other hand, organizational leadership prepares performance goals to achieve overall effectiveness (Zaccaro & Klimoski, 2001). Three levels are performed by organizational leadership in the organization. First level is administration at lower organizational level to maintain the operational effectiveness. Second level is performed at middle management in which, organizational leadership develops formal structural elements. Third level is change level of organizational structure.
    Organizational development performs the tasks of facilitating personal as well as organizational change in a planned way (Anderson, 2011). Contrary to this, organizational leadership ensures changes in unstructured manner. Under Organizational development, ...

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    The role of organization development vis-a-via organizational leadership is examined.