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    Transformational Companies: Changes in Leadership Styles

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    Selected: CITIBANK

    Select a dynamic or transformational company whose response to changing market conditions indicates the company's leadership style has evolved to guide the organization. Discuss what the leadership style originally was and what it is probably like today.

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    A company that has both dynamic and transformational elements integrated within its structure is Citibank. A world leader in financial and banking services, the organization has over the years, especially over the last few years, responded to changing market conditions that were an indication that the company's leadership style has kept evolving to guide the organization. Citibank was originally mostly an autonomous organization that enjoyed great presence and respect on a global financial platform. Preceding the credit crunch between 2008 and 2009, the bank had over the years enjoyed tremendous growth under the brand name Citigroup, having ...

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    This solution discusses Citigroup, whose leadership style was forced to change following the dramatic changes in the economy because of the housing bubble market crash.