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Different Styles of Leadership in Healthcare

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Use three scholarly research articles on the role of leadership in managing quality initiatives in healthcare. Use articles that demonstrate three different styles of leadership, e.g. servant, transformational, transactional, etc.

Briefly summarize the articles and compare/contrast it to transformational leadership.

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To answer your question, I focused on transformational leadership, servant leadership, and relations-oriented leadership.

1) Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership aims to enact change by boosting the morale and enhancing the performance of the employees. This may include linking the employee's identity to company's identity or having them feel like their performance is important to the company's success. As well, transformational leaders aim to act as role models for the change wanted. Transformational leaders also try to link people according to their strengths and interests in order to encourage them to give their best. In this article, the researchers used two case studies of hospitals in Ontario, Canada that successfully implemented mass change to investigate which leadership styles were used during the transitions. The study concludes that large scale change typically began with the CEOs, in a top-down approach, where the highest leaders in the chain modeled the change first. The highest positioned leaders then encourage ...

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The different styles of leaderships in healthcare are examined.

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