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Changing Management and Leadership in Healthcare Systems

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I need some ideas to conceptualize this questions below:
Health care managers in the 21st century are required to perform many different tasks that require many different leadership styles and characteristics. Identify a management scenario in a health care setting of your choice from your readings . Discuss the tasks involved, the skills required, and the consequences of lacking any of the skills.

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The situation selected for this assignment is a new technological change being implemented in a hospital. The new change has led to resistance among the healthcare staff due to fear, apprehensions and concerns about the potential benefits of this new change. The leadership of the organization is faced with a daunting task to make this transition towards the new technology in the organization smoothly with the cooperation and support of all the staff.

In this situation, the primary task of the leader for implementing this new change successfully is to address the various issues leading to resistance among the staff ...

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This solution discusses change management scenario in a healthcare setting with introductions of new technology.

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