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Risk Management: Healthcare Organizations

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How do the roles of leadership, organizational culture, and teams play an integral part in daily operations regarding risk management in healthcare organizations?

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Leadership plays an integral part in health care risk management. In daily operations, leadership influences employees to reduce risks in healthcare organizations. Leaders in the organization, guide, influence, and motivate employees to undertake activities that reduce risks. The employees ensure the patient prescriptions that are expired are filled up. They are sent communications and support is arranged between patients and physician's .Leadership also inspires and energizes the workforce to reduce risks in the organization. For instance, leadership can motivate employees to be vigilant about missed test results. The employees can follow up if tests have not been taken or test results are lost. The employees can be encouraged to develop a plant to monitor the ...

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The answer to this problem explains role of leadership, culture, and teams in risk management in health care organizations. The references related to the answer are also included.

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Complete the Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template to assess the risk in the organization (if needed).

1. Create a specific risk management process that responds to an error that may occur in a health care organization, such as billing errors, falling in a hospital, wrong site surgery, a complaint, or a medication error.

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