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Piedmont Healthcare Risk Management Program

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What is Piedmont Healthcare's Risk Management program?
Is Piedmont's Risk Management program adequate?
How does Piedmont Healthcare's Risk Management program compare to that of another facility?
Do Piedmont Healthcare adhere to recognized standard for risk management?
What are some areas of improvement could Piedmont's Risk Management program, if any?

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The following posting discusses risk management. Concepts discussed include areas of improvement and standards.

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--What is Piedmont Healthcare's Risk Management program?
It is a program designed to protect the assets of the organization. This includes patients, employees, physicians, visitors and anyone using their services. With this Risk Management program Piedmont Healthcare promotes best practices and hopes to prevent, reduce, and eliminate conditions or practices that may cause loss, either physical or monetary to the organization.

--Is Piedmont's Risk Management program adequate?
Yes, unfortunately, healthcare comes with many inherent risks ...

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