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Piedmont University Case 22-5

Can someone please help me with the attached homework Piedmont University case 22-5 and the 4 questions on page 3 (last page)? I am a little lost and need some help and guidance.


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1.) How should each of the issues described above be resolved?

Central Administrative Costs - The central administrative costs could be determined by devising a formula that allocates responsibility to the graduate school based on the percentage of students. Since graduate school typically has less students this would make the undergraduate school responsible for a higher portion of the costs.

Gifts and Endowment- There does not seem to be a specific problem here other than an ego and trust issue on the part of the deans. The president has been placed in a position of trust, responsibility and authority based on prior performance, experience and tenure. The deans should not be reacting strongly to this proposal, especially since the board will still have a vote on where the money is allocated. The less people involved in the process will actually be a money saving endeavor since the deans can then focus his time and energy on other issues.

Ahtletics- Charging for facility usage is common at most universities and should not be the cause of excess disatisfaction among the ...

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