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    Critiquing a hospital's CQI program as compared to another hospital's standard

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    Compare and critique a hospital's CQI program to that of a another hospital and whether the hospital adheres to the recognized standard for a CQI program.

    a. Do the hospitals adhere to a recognized standard for CQI programs in hospitals?

    b. What are some areas for improvement in the CQI programs for these hospitals?

    c. How do the Total Quality Management (TQM) principles relate to the chosen hospital?

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    I noticed that in your earlier posting of this question, you had specified Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, so I used that hospital. The second hospital I used was Toronto Sick Kids.

    All of the information I give can be found on their websites:
    - Piedmont Hospital: http://www.piedmonthospital.org/PH/qualityreport.aspx
    - Sick Kids: http://www.sickkids.ca/Performance/QIP/index.html

    1. Compare the CQI program's at the two hospitals with each other.

    Piedmont Hospital has made a commitment to quality, which they believe is linked to excellent medical care, but also great customer service and involvement in the community. To ensure this, Piedmont Hospital runs several outreach programs and provides resources to best communicate with patients about their care. Core to any CQI program is to ensure feedback on how to improve quality. Thus, Piedmont Hospital performs customer feedback surveys, specifically in the emergency department and in-patient services. As of right now, the national average in the United States is 68% and Piedmont Hospital is at about 75%. Patients are also welcomed to inform administration of any complaint they have. They also gathers statistics about rate of infection and outcome measures to ensure that the medical care at Piedmont is up to standard. They use these statistics to create annual quality reports to indicate what ...

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