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    CQI and Public Health Organizations

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    Rex Health Care and Service Line Teams Case Study

    Rex Health Care has a good reputation and has long been working up to the present situation in which it has made major investments and a number of strategic adjustments. It has evolved a complex organizational structure for dealing with performance enhancement. This structure is unusual, but it is not unique. Other hospitals have successfully been using similar approaches for service line management and for performance improvement.

    Read the case study on pages 547-559. The case is located at the end of the attachment so please scroll down the document in order to find it. It is titled "Rex Health Care and Service Line Teams."

    Please give your opinion about the questions 1-9 at the end of the case study.

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    1. The mission statement of Rex Hospital appears to be an all-inclusive comprehensive mission statement, that values the use of an integrated method in providing health care for its patients. This mission statement is based upon an systematic process by which the hospital incorporates all the its different assets in developing a methodology through which all of the health care needs of its patients can be made in an efficient and effective manner, and endorses the use of the most effective management techniques that will lead to the unification of all of the professional staff at this institution in focusing on accomplishing the common goal of excellence in health care. This mission statement is a representation of seeking excellence in health care.

    2. The competitive environment of the triangle is of great importance to the situation, due to the fact that the triangle is somewhat of a hub for health care education, as well as the practice of health care by highly professional individuals within a number of different facilities. In addition, there are a number of different health care institutions located within this area, that increase the competitive nature of the health care industry overall within the triangle, which invariably leads to fierce competition for patients and clients who are in need of health care. Competition with outstanding university medical centers, also exacerbates the intensity of the competition in the area, and makes it imperative that Rex Hospital offers excellent health care services.

    3. The historical development of quality systems has had a tremendous effect on the evolution of this quality improvement effort, due to the fact that the continuous enhancement quality systems and associated ...