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    Continuous Quality Improvement and Technology

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    How can technology enhance the effectiveness of continuous quality improvement?

    What are some of the challenges that prevent technology from fully being integrated in continuous quality improvement?

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    Technology can enhance continuous quality improvement (CQI) in various ways, such as by limiting or eliminating human error in data collection. Take the simple example of the use of electronic time clocks. A worker can "punch" the time on a card or swipe a badge to record their time, instead of hand-writing it. The switch from hand written time to time clocks increased accuracy by exponential values. More accurate time leads to more accurate pay, happier workers, and a whole host of other benefits.

    There are ...

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    This solution discusses how technology can be used to enhance the effectiveness of continuous quality improvement (CQI), identifying advantages and drawbacks to its use, and giving specific examples of how technology is currently being used in CQI and the considerations that must be taken into account.