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Quality Improvement Comparison

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Define, compare, and contrast continuous quality improvement (CQI), total quality management (TQM), and quality improvement (QI) as they relate to nursing education and leadership. Evaluate the CQI, TQM, or QI models for appropriate application in nursing education and leadership. Which model (CQI, TQM, or QI) seems the best overall fit for nursing education and leadership? Why is it the best fit?

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Total quality management differs from continuous quality management, and quality improvement, due to the fact that total quality management is an integrative quality improvement methodology used by management, that integrates and facilitates the use of organizational management, staff, distributors and suppliers, etc., as assets in continuously improving the quality of goods, services, and processes. ...

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Strategic Plan Analysis

A. Compare and contrast the management style at your (Ford Credit) organization with the management style at an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.

b. Discuss the characteristics of the other organization's Total Quality Management style and compare those characteristics with your own organization.

c. Discuss the extent to which the other organizations TQM practices could be integrated into your organization.

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