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Process Improvement Tools for Healthcare

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Please identify process improvement tools that are frequently used in healthcare. Please provide a reference, response must be 150-200 words with a reference

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Thank you for the opportunity to assist in your academic pursuits. I have included description of a complete methodology for improving healthcare processes. At the end, I have also included a general overview of several independent approaches. The attached PDF contains material for referencing and has success stories about improving healthcare processes.

Improving processes in healthcare is an ongoing endeavor. Constant evaluations must be conducted in order to provide the highest quality of care, and provide for patient safety. Several tools are frequently used in healthcare to improve these processes. A successful tool is Sigma Six.

Sigma six eliminates defects and waste, thereby improving quality and efficiency, by streamlining and improving all business processes. A five-step method is used to address processes and eliminate problems. ...

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This solution discusses the healthcare system and the requirements of ongoing evaluations to constantly identify areas or processes in need of improvement. Examples of specific process improvements and tools are mentioned.

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