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Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare

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MHM505 - Introduction to Quality Assurance
Quality Management Methods

Discuss a facility's Continuous Quality Improvement program. A comparison will be made between the subject facility's program and that of a model facility or discuss whether the facility adheres to the recognized standard for a CQI program. A discussion of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and how it relates to the subject facility will also be presented.
Describe and discuss the facility's Continuous Quality Improvement program.
- Compare and critique the subject facility's CQI program to that of a model facility and whether the facility adheres to the recognized standard for a CQI program.
- Identify areas for improvement in the facility's CQI program, if any, and any recommendations you think should be implemented to improve patient care.
- Does the facility's CQI Program adhere to the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)?

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Durham regional hospital's continuous quality improvement program : Durham regional hospitals, continuous quality improvement program is actually led by the senior hospital administrator within the organization. This individual sets the protocol for the improvements that must take place within the organization, as well as the methodology by which these improvements will take place, as well. The senior hospital administrator ascertains the improvements that are most needed within the organization, by delegating all of the departmental managers within the organization to conduct an inspection of their departments, and to make recommendations to senior leadership as to the improvements that they think are most pertinent to be completed within the organization. The senior leadership within this organization, then delegates the mid-level managers to inspect the different departments within the organization, and perform systematic outcome ...

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This solution describes key aspects of continuous quality improvement in healthcare.

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Important Factors to Continuous Quality Improvement

1. Discuss the impact of managed care on the U.S. health care delivery system.
2. Discuss the importance of high-performing teams to quality improvement efforts and the approaches used to improve the outcomes produced by these teams.
3. Discuss the implementation of continuous quality improvement into healthcare organizations, and about CQI and the transformation to the "learning" organization.
4. Discuss the impact of information management and technology for CQI in health care organizations and why it took so long to realize the need for this technology.
5. Discuss the involvement that the Care Delivery Organizations, Managed Care, Purchasers, and the Quality Improvement Collaborative have in the CQI process of Primary Care Practices.
6. Discuss the barriers of implementing the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process into primary care organizations.
7. Discuss the barriers that have been identified regarding the technological approach to computerized order entry and the electronic health records.
8. Discuss the impact of "health care disintermediation" of CQI in healthcare and the alternatives suggested for the "re-intermediating delivery" by the physicians.

Your discussion should be based on information from data, research, literature, and discussion of issues and trends. You must clearly identify the topics that have the greatest impact on Continuous Quality Improvement in our health care system and support your discussion.

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