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    Stakeholder Feedback in the Quality Improvement Process

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    For health care organizations, how is or can stakeholder--patient, managers, administrators, clinicians, health insurers, regulatory agencies, and so forth--feedback be used in the quality improvement process?

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    Patient feedback can be utilized in the quality improvement process, due to the fact that this feedback provides hospital leadership with information as to the present level of quality of the services that are provided to patients, which can be statistically analyzed in order to decide what areas of patient services need to be improved most expeditiously. In essence, patient feedback is utilized as a means by which to develop a quality improvement plan in respect to patient services that leads to a continuous an incremental increase in the quality of all patient services, and is used in order to ascertain what human and material resources will be needed in order to achieve the quality improvement that is necessary in this area.

    Manager feedback can be used in the quality improvement process, by helping senior leadership within a hospital organization to be able to understand what the primary operational issues are within the organization, that are prominent in detracting operational efficiency within the healthcare organization. This feedback also provides senior leadership within the organization with pertinent ...

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