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    Quality management

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    Quality Improvement Implementation Paper

    1. Review the objectives from previous paper with a topic BADERMANSISLAND.COM, and discuss additional insights and questions that may have arisen:

    Quality Improvement Implementation Paper

    Continuing with the previously selected organization, prepare a paper that you will present to the Executive Management team. Include the following items in your paper:

    a. Outline the steps of your quality management process improvement and implementation plan.

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    The steps of implementation of TQM or quality management process improvement plan will be as follows:

    The first major step in initiating an organization wide quality management and process improvement or corporate wide Total quality management initiative to significantly improve processes and systems in the organization will be to obtain commitment from the top management or organizational management/owners. This is necessary to ensure that the process improvement and total quality management implementation progresses ahead without any interruption and is able to secure necessary resources such as financial resources from the top management. The approval or buy-in of the top management is also necessary to ensure that the senior managers and employees put forth serious effort and commitment towards the implementation steps.

    Apart from securing commitment, it is also necessary that upper management is educated about the process improvement and total quality management plan. The upper management may be provided training to enable this.

    The next step is to formulate a special team or project team to undertake this plan. This team will be responsible for guiding the organizational employees to implement the TQM and process improvement plan. The team will fulfill several duties, such as evaluating feedback ...

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