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    Total Quality Management (TQM) Paper

    Prepare a paper in which you define Total Quality Management (TQM). Include a description of the impact of globalization on quality. Also, compare and contrast traditional management styles with quality-focused management styles. Explain how TQM applies or should apply to your organization.

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    Total Quality Management


    The demands and requirements of the people are increasing and they require high quality in the products and services. For total quality management, the first thing that management has to do is to educate its employees about it. Management has to understand why the system needs total quality management. Economics is being driven by quality in this competitive world. Every organization should be made aware of the concept of total quality. TQM provides a competitive edge for the company and helps it to fight the global competition. It improves the economic performance of the company. It also helps in organizational improvement.

    Total Quality Management (TQM)

    TQM is a concept which helps in managing business in which there is assurance for quality at every stage from products and services to after sales services. TQM increases customer satisfaction and provides products at competitive prices and variety. This system is built on the basis of motivation, awareness, understanding and commitment of all the employees. To implement the TQM approach in an organization, it requires regular update of information and technology. The quality improvement process proves to be progressive for the success of the company. Each person in the organization should understand his role and perform the work accordingly.

    There are various elements that are essential for implementing the TQM approach in the organization. The customer focus is the main element of TQM. An organization should always produce the products according to the customer requirements. Customer satisfaction should be the main aim of the business. For this, there should be improvements in the quality. The dedication and ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 997 Words, APA Reference