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    ISO, TQM, and Malcolm Baldrige

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    How are principles of ISO, TQM, and Malcolm Baldrige similar?

    How are they different?

    Choose one that AT&T does not currently use and explain how it would help AT&T to implement it.

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    The principles of ISO, TQM, and Malcolm Baldrige have some similarities, but they also have some differences.

    Malcolm Baldridge

    The Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence provide a systems perspective for understanding performance management. The criteria reflect validated, leading-edge management practices against which an organization can measure itself. This differs from ISO which needs to meet the principles to meet the ISO certification standards. With their acceptance nationally and internationally as the model for performance excellence, the Criteria represent a common language for communication among organizations for sharing best practices, unlike TQM. These Criteria are also the basis for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process:

    1. Category 1-Leadership
    2. Category 2-Strategic Planning
    3. Category 3-Customer Focus
    4. Category 4-Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
    5. Category 5-Workforce Focus
    6. Category 6-Process Management
    7. Category 7-Results (http://www.quality.nist.gov/Business_Criteria.htm)

    For each category, a company rates the importance of each (High, Medium, Low ) and then for the high importance areas, the company identifies the strengths (Strength) or improvement (OFI) and establishes a goal and action plan including date (by when) and who is responsible. These criteria help to identify your organization's key strengths and key opportunities for improvement (OFIs). The company can accelerate its improvement journey by doing a self-analysis of its responses to all seven Criteria Categories. It helps in identifying one or two strengths and one or two OFIs for each Criteria Category. For those of high importance, the company then ...

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    This solution explains the similarities and differences amongst the principles of ISO, TQM, and Malcolm Baldrige. It then applies the one to AT&T that it does not currently use and explains how it would help AT&T to implement it.