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    Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

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    Read some of the latest Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient at www.quality.nist.gov and respond to the following:

    Discuss the standout features of the companies' approaches to managing operations.
    What attributes do you find impressive about the companies policies and procedures, and use of best practices.
    Discuss how the companies emphasize continuous improvement and the use of rewards and incentives.

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    Five organizations are the recipients of the Baldrige National Quality Award. This award has been given in fire categories namely manufacturing, small business, health care, and non-profit.
    The attributes about the companies policies and procedures and the use of best practices are the stress on customer satisfaction, the adaptation of the governance system for implementing, measuring, and sustaining quality related needs, high levels of quality/reliability performance target, accountability of the employees to the company's strategic plan, and open communication between the employee and top management. The uses of best practices include the use of balanced scorecard and the integration of the customer needs into customer and business required. Continuous improvement has been implemented through Six Sigma program and rewards and incentives have been used in such a way that the workforce feels appreciated.
    Across the categories ...

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