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    ISO 9000 Versus Baldridge Standards

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    Compare and contrast the ISO 9000 and Malcolm Baldridge standards programs. Locate at least two articles on each. Also, provide a review of a Malcolm Baldrige winner.

    response is 752 plus five references

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    ISO 9000 standards
    ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It has membership of several countries across the world. ISO develops voluntary technical standards which add value to all types of business operations. The ISO 9000 family of standards represents a general consensus on certain accepted quality management practices. It consists of guidelines relating to quality standards and related supporting standards. ISO 9000 certification has been increasingly gaining worldwide recognition. Following are the salient features of ISO 9000 standards:
    • These contribute to dissemination of technology and good business practices
    • These support development of more efficient, safer, and cleaner products
    • These make trade between countries easier by providing a safeguard against falsification
    ISO 9000 standards are in general use when an organization wants to implement a quality management system that provides boost to organization's ability to adhere to customer requirements and provide better quality products and services which fulfill customer's needs and expectations. There are five sections in these standards which specify which activities are required to be considered when quality management system is implemented:
    • Management responsibility, focus, policy, and objectives
    • Resource management
    • Product and process management
    • Overall requirements for quality management system ...

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