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    ISO: International Organization for Standardization

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    What is ISO? What are the benefits of international standardization? How have the ISO 9000 standards been received worldwide? What are the latest changes in ISO 9000 (2000)? What are the basic principles of the latest revision to the ISO 9000 standard?
    (ISO: International Organization for Standardization)

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    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 is a certification process that requires certain quality standards to be met and supported by international business. ISO was established in 1947 with the goal of improving international understanding, communication, and cooperation with respect to commerce and trade growth. The ISO has been able to foster several technical agreements that have been accepted as international standards. ISO is based on the premise that quality production and management system will assure the desired level of quality. In addition, the ISO is based the premise that an external assessment conducted by a third party will provide the most effective method of certification (Capezio & Morehouse, 1993).

    Key questions an organization needs to answer to be ISO 9000 certified:
    - Does my company have an overall quality policy that has been endorsed by top management?
    - ...

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    The international organizations for standardization are examined.