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    ISO Compliance Standard Compared to ISO Guidance Standard

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    Please help me understand the difference between an ISO guidance standard and an ISO compliance standard.

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    ISO guidance standards provide guidance than requirements. Hence, it can't be certified unlike the other ISO standards. An example of an ISO guidance standard is the ISO 26000 which is a guide on how businesses and other organizations can run their companies in a socially responsible way. They will be given guidelines on how they can be ethical so that they can contribute to the health and welfare of society. ISO 26000 was launched in 2010 after 5 years of meetings and negotiations between various stakeholders from all over the world. All businesses and organizations together with government, NGOs, consumer groups, and labor organizations took part in the development of the guidance standard making it a global consensus. ...

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    This solution compares the ISO Compliance Standard and the Guidance Standard by explaining each and its purposes, as well as providing examples. References are included.