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    Question 1. Choose two products or services you recently purchased. Describe those products and services in terms of their functions and attributes. What written specifications and standards might operations use to define each product or service?
    Question 2. Read case study "The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital" on page 231. You are a quality manager for a community hospital and the leader of your hospital has asked you to benchmark Arnold Palmer Hospital. How would you do it?
    Question 3. Identify and describe the three process regions from process-chain-network (PCN) analysis.
    Question 4. Describe how ISO 9000 has evolved in the past several years. What are the eight quality management principles the standard enhance?

    Each question must be at least 200 words with references and the book that I am using is Operations Management by Jay Heizer & Barry Render

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    !. The first service purchased by me is three year maintenance service for my television. The service assures me for a period of three years; my television will be serviced and repaired. If I make a call for repairs the service assures me that during working hours, their mechanic will visit my place within two hours and repair the TV. If any part is damaged, the services assure me, the part will be replaced by the mechanic.
    The second service purchased by me recently is a phone land line that provides the services of phone, broadband internet, and television programs. The landline is connected simultaneously to a phone, a wi-fi modem, and a television set. There is a fixed rental plus usage charges for each service.
    Specifications for maintenance service: On receiving a call, the service personnel will visit the customer in less than two hours with a full set of parts related to the TV model owned by the customer. The service personnel will identify the cause of TV problem, rectify it, and replace parts if required (1).
    Operations specifications for landline: The landline will deliver telephone, broadband internet, and television services twenty-four hours every day for a full year. Any interruption in any of the services will be repaired in less than one hour's time.

    2. I will benchmark Arnold Palmer Hospital by first finding out the key drivers of success at Arnold Palmer. Patient satisfaction is the key driver at Arnold ...

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