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Project Management

In today's increasingly complex business environment, successful business managers must also learn to be successful project managers. Faced with international competition, changing market demands, new regulation, and crisis, business managers recognize that the only thing that doesn’t change, is change itself. As a result, we see business managers undertaking a variety of projects: to find more efficient and better use of internal resources, to pursue new opportunities, to move between markets, to exit failing markets and to mitigate crisis. It is the growing competitiveness and complexity of doing business today that makes the science of project management increasingly important for the everyday business manager.

What is a project?

According to Harold Kerzner (2008), to understand what project management is, we must first tie down a definition of a project. A project has a specific objective to be completed within certain specifications, including a defined scope, start and end date, budget, and resources. A project, he says, also cuts across functional lines, involving people and nonhuman resources with different skills and expertise.

What is project management?

The science of project management is the methodology behind successfully implementing a project in an organization, originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. According to the PMBOK Guide put out by the Project Management Institute, project management consists of five stages. Project managers must use different skills and focus on different goals at each stage of the project. For example, getting other managers to buy-in and commit to the goals of the project is important in the beginning stage. At the ending stage, managers concern themselves with sustaining the gains from the project. The five stages of managing a project are:
1. Initiation
2. Planning
3. Project Execution
4. Monitoring and Controlling
5. Closing

What are project-management tools?

Despite project management’s proliferation into use by organizations in every industry, many project management tools remain the same today as they did when developed by the DOD. These tools include project-scheduling techniques, such as:
- Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT Network Chart)
- Arrow Diagram Method (ADM) or Critical Path Method (CPM)
- Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
- Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT)
- GANTT Chart

At we offer students help with the study of project management, including applying scheduling techniques, calculating critical paths and slack time, and discussing current concepts such as lean project management.

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Questions are in attachment in better format with excel tables. The Galaxy project consists of 8 interdependent tasks, labeled A through H. You've consulted experts, and have determined an optimistic, likely and pessimistic completion time (in days) for each of the tasks. The dependencies, and the times, are listed below.

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"An Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) is one that has full responsibility across the corporation (including different divisions, business units and geographies) for the planning and management of all activities involved in end to end supply chain processes, including direct sourcing and procurement, conversion/manufacturing, and all

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You are to review Gartner group at In their own words, "Gartner offers world-class, objective insight on virtually all areas of IT. •Unparalleled expertise across our wide range of solutions. •Gartner insights are drawn from a critical fact base not available anywhere else

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Several quotes from Mike Brown , a professional project manager with a very impressive track record. Consider these three quotes: "There are not many professions in which you can touch, feel, or experience the fruits of your labor. In project management you can." "As a project manager you have all the responsibilities of

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Discuss your thoughts about the challenges of production planning as pertains to the various production processes, Intermittent flow operations (job shop), batch flow process, worker paced line flow, machine paced line flow, and continuous flow operations, their similarities and differences.

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Assume that you are a project team member for a highly complex project based on a new technology that has never been directly proven in the marketplace. Further, you require the services of a number of sub-contractors to complete the design and development of this project. Because you are facing severe penalties in the event

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Calculating Indirect Rates Cost Element Cost Subtotal Rate Direct Labor Base $15,500,000.00 Overhead Expense 8,000,000.00 Burdened Labor Subtototal $23,500,000.00

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Weekly Question for Week 8. Hallmark has sent you to Thailand to start a manufacturing operation. The 10 pieces of equipment you need just arrived in customs. When you go to the customs area you notice a 2 star Thailand General inspecting your equipment. You say "hello." The General says that for $10,000 cash your equipment

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Question 1 What are some of the current challenges in IT management?Also, discuss briefly the challenges of centralized vs. decentralized IT organizations. Question 2 What is the role of Information Technology in organizations and businesses?How do IT managers interact with others in the organization?How can IT managers

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Al Carpenter, Materials manager at Captiva Conglomerate, has called a meeting with his Inventor and Spares manager, Sam Sliderule, and his Supply manager, Aaron Blumencranz, Jason Patel , vice president of Operations, Monica Stein, vice president of finance, and Jana Perry, director of Information Technology, are also in attend

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I need help revising an upscale restaurant business proposal I have a PowerPoint presentation, but it really should have been assigned to someone fluid in graphics using Power Point. English grammar and current business background is a MUST. I need this to present to peers for critique. I also need someone who has

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Question 1 Discuss the basic dimensions of good project management and provide an example to support your response Question 2 In project planning, budgeting, and scheduling describe the roles played by key stakeholders and users. Question 3 Explain the role of accountability in project management and discuss w

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After you review the Celoxis website, write a 2- to 3-page paper, double-spaced. Start the paper with a brief overview and a description of Celoxis software, uses, advantages, and disadvantages, and your experience with the evaluation process. What are the advantages of using a tool to evaluate technology decisions?

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Write a 2- to 3-page double-spaced paper. Length: Follow the number of pages required in the assignment excluding cover page and references. Each page should have about 300 words.

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Review the experience of one organization's IT transition difficulties, described in the following article: Charette, R. (2010, June 30). "Outstanding success" or nightmare payroll system: Lawsuit will decide. IEEE Spectrum. Retrieved from­success­or­nightmarepay

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I need help completing the following with an example or something that I can use as a sample to go by. Think of a project that you have previously been a part of at a past or current place of employment, and imagine that you were appointed the project manager. Describe the process you and your project team would follow

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Previously in the course, you were asked to think of a project you have been involved with at your place of employment. Think of that same project, imagine that you have been appointed the project manager, and complete the following: Identify some of the positive and negative risks associated with this project, and then rank