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Project Management

Characteristics of IT Projects

Consider the different aspects of IT projects and respond to the following: -Identify and describe the characteristics common to IT projects, that is, characteristics shared by a large majority of IT projects. -Identify and describe the characteristics unique to IT projects, that is, characteristics not shared by projects in o

Information Technology and Projects

Reply to the following: I think projects do have some characteristics that are not shared by day to day work (non-project). When it comes to projects they are more complex and have many more moving parts to wrangle. If I had to sum it all up in a nutshell it would probably revolve around complexity and frequency. Granted freq

Business portfolios, programs, and projects

Reply to the following: First, I would like to define projects, a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Schwalbe, p.G.9). When identifying projects to undertake, I recall from the reading (Schwalbe, 2014) that all projects have a definite start time and a definite stopping point. We can

Topic Selection and Justification for a Project Plan

Please help me select one of the two options below: Option 1 A routine upgrade project, such as upgrading the PCs for a company, or upgrading from one version of an operating system to another. The project plan for this will need to include a section justifying the upgrade. Option 2 Selection and installation of a COTS (

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management Part of being an effective project manager is communication and representing the interests of the different stakeholders regarding the project. Stakeholder interests can often fluctuate during a life cycle of the project. Maintaining contact and effective communication with all stakeholders is vitally i

Project Management Case Study on Risk Assessment Tools

Risk is an important part of any project. It is imperative that a comprehensive risk assessment is completed throughout the life of the project. This week as you work on the progressive case study you will develop and assess a risk assessment tool, that you will use to review and assess the case study project . It is stro

ERP Implementation Within a Company

I have attached an idea for my term paper topic on ERP. I need help to tie this idea in with one of the following two options. Option 1 A routine upgrade project, such as upgrading the PCs for a company, or upgrading from one version of an operating system to another. The project plan for this will need to include a section

Project Management Ethics: Decision Making

Reply to the following: Ethical decision making is essential not only for the project manager, but at every level from project teams: suppliers, stakeholders, and anyone else involved in a project. Ethics are a set of principles that guides decision making based on personal values of what is considered right and wrong. (Schw

Project Management: Utilitarian or Totalitarian

Reply to the following: A project manager must act ethically and in accordance with the project purpose and overall end state. Ethics with the project managers team must be strong and comprehensive. A project manager must at times be totalitarian in order to get what needs to be done completed. By being totalitarian, the proj

Necessary Skills For a Project Manager

Reply to the following: According to Kathy Schwalbe's "Information Technology Project Management," a project manager is essential if a project is to be a successful endeavour. Of course, a project manager must strive to embody a skill set that will set them apart from other project members and stakeholders. One primary s

A Project Manager's Duties

Reply to the following: Project Management is an extremely large undertaking for the person that takes it on. There are so many factors involved that may not even seem relevant at the formation of the project. Let's assume that a project begins with four people, and one of them chooses to be the project manager. First of all,

Project Planning Management

Develop a project planning tool that will assist with project plan provided. Using subcontractors for some or all of the work address how they will manage, maintain, and coordinate the services being provided by subcontractors. 150 words

Project Management: Enterprise Resrouce Planning Implementation

Choose any topic (related to IT) for a term paper. You can choose this topic from real events or situations at a workplace. You can even have an imaginary situation. Once you have selected a topic, assuming you are the project manager, describe the topic of your project briefly, along with the goals or deliverables of the pr

Ethics in project management

•Identify the importance of ethics in project management. Though the primary focus of project management is on delivering on time and earning profits, ethical behavior is equally important. Project managers must be ethical in their dealings with their teams and with internal and external stakeholders. Consider the ethics o

The essential skills of a project manager

Identify the skills a project manager needs to have. Each member of a project team has some specific knowledge, abilities, and skills. A project manager, too, needs to have a specialized skill set. As a student of project management, you need to know what it takes to be a good project manager. What do you think are the essen

Project Management Software: Efficacy

Project management software is a very effective and functional tool that can assist project managers in maintaining controls over the project. How can this tool be used effectively for the projects?

Telecommunication Contractor: Tools And Processes

Develop a list of tools and processes that you would use as the contractor of record for opening the new division office (telecommunication). Below are question to consider. Will you use subcontractors for different parts of the project? How will you maintain contact communication? How will you track progress, m

Emerging Technologies: Business, IT Questions

1. List and describe the four basic functions of an information system. List and describe three types of enterprise systems. 2. There are two fundamental requirements for managing business performance: being able to measure and knowing that your indicator is measuring the right thing. Explain each of these requirements and why

Developing a Project Management Team

The development of a project team requires planning and consideration. What will the organizational chart look like? Discuss the guidelines and parameters for selection and developing the team. What do you see as the potential challenges to developing your team?

Project Management: Planning, Inventory, Process, Maintenance, Reliability

1. Planning is critical for successful project management. Describe the various strategies you would use if you were responsible for managing a college graduation ceremony in the spring. 2. Describe the importance of maintaining an accurate inventory and discuss how inventories have changed over the past 10 years. 3. Des

Cost of Poor Quality in the UH-60 program

Please prepare a short thesis statement and sentence outline on the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) in the UH-60 program. Focus on specific areas in the COPQ. How is this UH-60 COPQ measured? What can the government do about the issue?

Company Operations and Project Management

1. Given that companies operate in a global environment today, what impact does technology have on their operations? 2. What is forecasting and why is it an important key to successful project management? Provide an example of a project and discuss the type and approach of forecast you would use to produce that product or servi

Disaster and Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

Hi, I need help with this project. I need to find an article about disaster planning and recovery and write a three-page review of the article that includes the following information: - Briefly introduce and summarize the article - Identify the author's main points - Who is the author's intended audience? - What types of di

Measurement Scaling and Data Analysis

1. How do you decide if you will use composite scale score or a summated scale score? Justify your decision. How will you measure reliability, validity, and sensitivity? Explain how you will deal with ethical dilemmas during the research process (confidentiality, anonymity, conflicts of interest, informed consent, debriefing, ex

Project Proposal for a Fictional Project

Prepare a project proposal for a fictional project. The base of the project is a Department Retreat. The proposal should take into account the technical considerations, management considerations, and pricing considerations. However, the project proposal does not have to include these since they will be added in a later projec

Quality Management and Operation Management

Question 2-52. Develop a fishbone diagram for the possible cause of your car not starting. Problem 2.5 The Omega Show Company manufactures a number of different styles of athletic shoes. Its biggest seller is the X-Pacer running show. In 2008 Omega implemented a quality-management program. The company's show production for t

Components of Agile Development

Agile project management is getting popular in IT project management. What is agile project management? Do you think agile project management will work for your projects at work?

Project Management and Government Acquisition

1. The contracting officer is responsible for selecting and negotiating appropriate contract types. What factors should the contracting officer consider when selecting and negotiating contract type? 2. Conducting market research is a vital part of the acquisition and contracting pre and post award process. To what extent

Protesting Government Contracts And Procedure For Disputes Thereof

QUESTIONS: 1. Who may protest a government solicitation or contract for the procurement of property or services? When a contractor protests to a federal agency, what information must be included in the protest? 2. Define Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer (CACO). When is it appropriate to assign a CACO to admi