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Management for Matrix Organization

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• In a matrix organization, people are often assigned full-time to a project. What is the responsibility of the project manager to the assigned resource and to the manager the resource is "borrowed" from?
• What should be the role of the project manager in the planning endeavors, including strategic and operational planning, of his or her company?
• Describe how quality can be measured so that quality improvement efforts can be evaluated for effectiveness.

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In a matrix organization it is responsibility of the project manager to ask for the minimum required resource. After the resource is received, the full skills of the person should be used, he should be explained specifically the tasks that he is supposed to complete, the time frame given to him, and the reward he will get for meeting the requirements. It is also the project manager's responsibility to return the person when his role is complete. The responsibility of the project manager to the manager from which the resource is borrowed is to select the person with the exact qualifications and skills his project requires, and not select more resources than ...

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