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    Project Management Organizational Structure

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    Compare and contrast the three primary project management organizational structures (Functional, Matrix, and Pure Project). Please be sure to discuss the situation in which each structure would be the best method to manage a project team. Be sure to provide rationale for decisions.

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    //According to me, before doing this assignment, one should know what an 'Organizational Structure' is. Then, one can find out different types of project management organizational structures such as functional, matrix, pure project, etc. I am providing you an understanding on these points and the situation which suits a project structure. //

    The traditional form of organization having functional divisions of management and a well-defined hierarchical relationship is well suited only for established operations, characterized by a continuous flow of repetitive work where each department attends to specific function. This characteristic enables the emergence of a relative, stable, inter-departmental and inter-personal relationship; however this conventional type of a management hierarchy is not suitable for this project (Harrison & Lock, 2004). This is because of the facts that a project is characterized by the certain distinctive features, such as non-repetitive, non-routine undertaking, dynamic, temporary and flexible relationship, requirement of coordinated efforts of persons, contributions from external agencies, etc. Thus, the vary nature of projects and their complexities require a well built project organization structure which depends upon the volume and size of project as well as the culture and motive of the project owner. In regards to the project management, there are mainly three types of organizational structures: functional, pure project and matrix.

    //After defining the organizational structure, I would like to provide you an overview of functional structure. //

    Functional ...

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