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Human Capital and Communication Management

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Using the same project you selected in Week One, prepare a paper in which you demonstrate how you will use communication to maintain good team work at the following key points in a project:

a. Communication Management:
Explain how the project manager will communicate performance evaluation results to both management and the customer.

b. Team selection:
Identify which project organization structure was selected and why this structure was selected. Explain how approval for this organization structure was obtained.

Please cite resources.
I will also need 3 PPT slides covering pertinent information from the two attachments and the results of the above mentioned information.

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Human Capital


A team is a group of individuals that unite for a common aim or purpose. It is necessary for the team members to communicate properly while working in a team. Good and effective communication skills can help in completing the work on time and according to the requirements of the customer. There should be proper upward and downward communication in a team. A project is well coordinated and maintained with the help of an efficient team. Team building is essential for effective working and timely completion of the project. Team selection should be done in accordance with the nature of work, duration and the requirements of the project (Fisher, Schoenfeldt & Shaw, 2004).

Communication Management

For the project, it is very essential to properly manage all the communication channels in the team. For example, electricians and installers should communicate the activities to the project manager responsible for the electrical work. Likewise, the home owners ...

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