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    Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.

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    Develop a paper in which you propose a solution to help InterClean move from a solely sales-based organization to a solutions-based organization. Remember that your solution needs to focus on the human capital concepts covered in the course. Be sure to incorporate appropriate citations from your readings and research.

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    Problem Solution: InterClean Inc.


    This paper will discuss the problem solution of InterClean, Inc. InterClean is a cleaning and sanitation company with a business of approximately $8 billion. The company is planning to provide its clients with solution based services as the clients are not simply interested in products but they also want solutions that will help in rationalizing their cleaning efforts. This will also help in better fulfilling the safety requirements according to the environmental regulations. The profitability of providing such a service totally depends upon how far the company is able to understand the requirement of the client.
    The paper will also analyze the affect of InterClean's human resource concepts and practices on the organizational effectiveness. The ways of employee motivation will be implemented within the company to reduce employee turnover. The company also needs a proper staffing strategy to manage its workforce requirements. The vision of InterClean is to become a leader in the industrial cleaning and sanitation. To transform this vision into reality the CEO of the company, David Spencer is ready to take any type of risk. Analyzing the strategic human resource plan is the problem solution of InterClean. This will assist in adjusting the strategy of the company as well as its employees (University of Phoenix, 2007).

    As the problem solution aims at reorganizing the company, it helps to discover the opportunities that are accessible by the company and the top management team. This helps the company to develop its competitive strength and become an industry leader. The paper will examine how the human capital management practices are influenced by the concepts of the organizational behavior. It will also explore the issues with InterClean and will identify the opportunities presently available for InterClean in the market. To effectively implement the plan for developing solution based services, the company needs a staffing plan or policy. This will assist the company to achieve its targeted growth in a definite time period.

    To meet the increasing demands of the market and to overcome the various issues associated with the company, it requires employees with newly developed skills. So, the company also needs to implement proper training and education program for the sales staff so that they have full knowledge about the products and services that the company offers for its clients. This will help in improving the performance of the employees and will lead to the development of the workforce in the company.
    The health care professionals, facilities managers and operational executives of the clients' organization should be directly linked with InterClean. The paper will also focus on the ethical quandaries faced by the company from the view point of the stakeholders. The company needs to properly define its goals and objectives and identify the problems that come in the way. It also need to adjust its organizational structure according to the arising needs and environment of the company.

    Situation Analysis

    It is based on the identification of issues and opportunity for human capital concepts which in turn assists InterClean to effectively compete in the market and achieve its objective of changing InterClean from sales based organization to solution based organization.

    Issue and Opportunity Identification:

    Issue Identification: Sales force of InterClean does not have appropriate knowledge of customized sales services which is important to achieve the superiority in the solution industry. Sales force of InterClean does not have knowledge of different concepts which are required for solution based organization such as communication, customer service and compliance system. There is also a need to provide an efficient training to the sales force in order to develop harmony with customers and achieve product information which further assists them to perform the activities with proper direction. Second issue is the changed structure of InterClean, which is also opposed by the employees due to the fear of job security and lowered benefits. So, there is a need to motivate the employees for the change management (Dreher & Doherty, 2001).

    Third issue which is identified is the acquisition of another company. Although, it is true that this acquisition will certainly benefit InterClean, but there is also a need to consider the existing employees as any turnover will result into a loss of capital for the company. Fourth issue is distrust among the employees of executive level. The existence of distrust within the top management creates roughness in the process of transition. Last issue is the restriction of six months for the transition. So, InterClean should take care while developing any strategy for transition (University of Phoenix, 2007).

    Opportunity Identification: Through the fulfillment of different needs and demands of the customers, InterClean has the opportunity of capitalizing the new offerings. InterClean will be a leader in the sanitary industry after the acquisition of EnviroTech. InterClean will also achieve a large share in market through the acquisition. It is easy for InterClean to grab business across the world through the competent media blitz. The knowledge base of employees at InterClean will also become wider in context of different concepts such as communication and environmental safety rules. Innovative strategic plan which is based on human capital concepts will also assist the company to achieve competitive advantage in the sanitary industry. Apart from this, it is also possible for the company to have a new organizational structure which assists it to achieve alignment with its new vision.

    Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

    It is necessary for all the organizations to consider the perspective of all groups of stakeholders of the organization within the legal framework of the business environment. InterClean Incorporation serves its customers with cleaning resolutions and satisfies the requirements of the customers within the legal framework of the business environment. The main groups of stakeholders of InterClean are the employees, the top management, shareholders and the customers of the organization.
    The employees are the key elements for an organization who perform with their best efforts for achieving the goals and objectives. The employees serve the customers of the organization with high quality services, so as to attain more profits for the organization. The success and growth of the organization is related to the employees and therefore, the management trains and guides the employees to proceed accordingly. The sole responsibility of the top ...