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This will summarize the various issues, opportunities, and ideal end-state goals for the organization.

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What is the situation? What challenges exist? What opportunities exist? What is the problem? Is there a problem? Is it worth solving?
InterClean is going through some major changes. The company was switching its business approach from product-based selling to solution-based selling. The company has an opportunity to become a pioneer by integrating a full-range service with its products instead of just selling cleaning and sanitation supplies. InterClean can be the first to do this so it will be a great move for InterClean as it will secure, if not dominate, a huge market share. By doing so, the company will increase its revenue by 40% per annum. InterClean has an opportunity to expand to other markets. In addition, InterClean have a better chance of attracting new customers and retaining existing customers by providing products plus professional services solution. With increased revenue, the company has additional financial resources to provide continuous training and tools for their employees. In addition, the changes would lead to some reevaluation of their existing workforce and make the necessary changes to improve the company (leadership team and workforce). The end-result is a better skilled organization fit to deal with the challenges InterClean will be facing.

Despite the opportunities, there are challenges to be considered such as:
1. The need for extensive training for employees particularly the sales department
2. Poor morale and resistance from employees
3. The merger of InterClean with Envirotech (how InterClean employees feel about the merger, operations, and how much control would EnviroTech members have in the decision-making)
4. The short deadline to design market and implement the new sales strategy within 90-180 days
5. Increasing employee turnover
6. according to the simulation/case study, there is resistance from Janet Durham (VP of HR)
7. time to recruit for new employees and to align current policies and procedures with the new vision/strategy
8. ensuring regulatory compliance
9. designing a marketing campaign that would effectively convey that InterClean is now a full-range products and services company

InterClean is obviously facing some problems at this time and judging by the opportunities, the problem is worth solving. The key is getting the entire team on-board with the new vision and getting ...

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