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    InterClean Case Analysis

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    During week one, you identified a preliminary problem statement and end-state goals for InterClean. Now that you have had a chance to review these, what are the end-state goals against which you will measure your alternatives?

    How will you weight each of the end-state goals in the evaluation matrix you create in step five? What rationale (including text concepts and other readings) has led you to weight the goals in this manner?

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    STEP 1
    Achieving domestic market dominance in the sanitation industry: Weight 5 = High
    I have given achieving domestic market dominance in sanitation industry a high weight of 5 because I feel that this is the most important end goal. This is directly related to the vision of InterClean and has been expressed to be the reason that has driven David Spencer, President and CEO of the company. Becoming the industry leaders is the vision of Spencer and that is why I have given this end goal the highest weight.

    If one takes a closer look at the actions that have been taken at InterClean like the changes in the market strategy the objective is to achieve the end goal. The other actions like the restructuring of the company and the acquisition of Enviro Tech have all been taken to achieve the market dominance in the sanitation industry. Spencer is willing to take any action that is required like increasing his staff strength, training his ...

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    This posting gives the preliminary problem statement and end state goals for InterClean.. In addition, this posting uses an evaluation matrix to weight and assess end state goals.