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    MBA 530 - InterClean Problem Solution Paper

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    - Stakeholder Perspectives / Ethical Dilemmas
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    - Alternatives & Benchmarking Validations
    - Identify & Assess Risks
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    Problem Solution: InterClean Inc.
    The business world is an ever-changing one, even for the industrial and institutional clean industry. For InterClean, Inc., they are no exception. They are on the verge of two major changes for their company: a merger with a leading competitor and the rollout of a new service-focused customer package system (where InterClean's associates will provide more than a cleaning service to its clients - they will educate and train their clients). Examinations revealed some new avenues available for InterClean that may assist in the process in addition to providing some beneficial employee development and training programs for its employees.
    Describe the Situation
    Issue and Opportunity Identification
    InterClean is evolving. Much like most organizations of its size, InterClean needs to keep ahead of its competitors. But, remaining a static entity in the world of institutional and industrial cleaning will only let others pass you by. To become a true leader, InterClean has developed a solution/service model that provides its clients/customers with education, training and services- all in one handy package. In addition to preparing the current crop of InterClean employees for the new image and service model, InterClean is acquiring EnviroTech (a previous competitor). Melding the two companies, while also rolling out the new service-focused model is paramount to InterClean's success.
    Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
    Making the membership (in the rollout team) mandatory may not be the best approach for InterClean. Of course, there is a wonderful opportunity for InterClean to provide development and training for front-line staff. But, allowing those same individuals to volunteer, rather than be 'forced' to help may reveal more about their level of dedication to the company.
    It is quite possible that InterClean will want to invest in transition-focused training programs for its employees. The investment may well provide an excellent return on the initial investment. If executives at InterClean do not have the mentality that Durocher pointed out (fearing the employees will leave once they have been given new skills), they will have the ability to truly feel like they have partnered with the staff at InterClean, rather than see them as subordinates.
    Frame the "Right" Problem
    InterClean will become an industry leader who sets the pace (for other companies in the trade) by providing a service-focused environment through embracing the ideas of: organizing for success, training and skill development and by overcoming fear of change.
    Describe the "End-State" Vision
    InterClean will lead the way in the cleaning industry by branching out into other relevant fields (like commercial and residential services) through such ventures as partnering with cleaning product manufacturers to further develop customer education.
    Identify the Alternatives and Benchmarking Validation
    Issue: current InterClean employees are concerned about the impending major changes and the state of flux that the company is in during the acquisition of EnviroTech.
    Opportunity: employees will need to embrace the new ...

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