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    // In the given paper, we will discuss about the InterClean and EnviroTech merger case. Based on it, we will conduct a job analysis, develop a workforce planning system, and identify a method for selecting employees and justify the reasons for the selection done. To start with, we will conduct a job analysis along with a short company introduction: //

    InterClean Inc

    InterClean is the topmost cleaning company set up in 1985 at Ypsilanti, Michigan. It has a huge amount of plants for waste water treatment technologies, water recycling and high-pressure washing (InterClean Equipment, Inc., n. d.). Its customers include General Motors plants, and recently it has merged with EnviroTech Technologies, the topmost producer of Air Pollution Monitoring Instruments at India. Its customers include State Pollution Control Boards and many private and public industries (EnviroTech Instruments Pvt. Ltd., n. d.).

    Job Analysis

    Job Analysis is a tool to analyze and collect data regarding jobs and includes two elements: job specification and description. A job specification includes the characteristics required of employees and a job description is the detailed explanation of specific duties and responsibilities that an employee is expected to perform. After the merger of InterClean Inc. and EnviroTech, there is a need to carry out the job analysis as the company decided to review their sales staff in order to match their challenging goals. Job analysis will help in predicting the need for training, transfer, or promotion. Each and every aspect has to be covered for a job analysis (Senger, 2005).

    To start a job analysis, the first step is the job description. In a job description, a job title needs to be identified, which in this case is the sales representative. Then to whom will the sales representative report should be identified, i.e., the sales manager. After the job title and the reporting person are identified, the specific duties and responsibilities which a sales representative is expected to perform have to be mentioned. The duties that a sales representative has to perform are: to market and sell the products and services of the company to the customers, develop a program and work plan to accomplish the set targets like the number of customers on the basis of the sales activity and the needed activities to be performed. Some other responsibilities are identifying the potential customers and market area, organizing proposals, contracts and presentations, preservation of the existing product knowledge and other sales stuff, maintaining relations with customers, proper documentation, and quality assurance for account services, customer problem identification and solution, maintenance of reports regarding the status of activities, closings, follow-up and goals. A sales representative also has ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1627 words with references.