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What is Judicial Review?

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How does the power of judicial review work? Who is impacted by the exercise of this power?

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Judicial Review

Question: How does the power of judicial review work? Who is impacted by the exercise of this power?

How does the power of judicial review work?

In short, judicial review means that the judicial branch of government has the authority to review the actions of the other two branches of government, legislative and executive. Judicial review can occur at the federal or state level. Courts, whether federal or state, can only review laws that are brought before the court in a lawsuit (Judicial Learning Center). In other words, the courts do not arbitrarily determine which laws to ...

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This library solution provides a brief explanation of the power of judicial review, including who is impacted by the exercise of this power.

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?Resources: Criminal Procedures: Law and Practice; Web site:

?Review Criminal Procedures: Law and Practice, p. 12.

?Review Wilson v. Layne, Deputy United States Marshal (1999) found at Web site:
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