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The Role of Literature Review in Research

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Compare and contrast the role of literature review in quantitative studies vs qualitative studies;
Identify the type of research in which literature review plays a bigger role and describe why this is so?

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This post comprise over 600 words and will allow the student to understand the need for a literature review when conducting a research study. Additionally, the student will be able to contrast the difference between qualitative and quantitative reviews.

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A literature review presents a study of the research and is typically a study of what has been written on the topic. The role of a literature review in qualitative research is determined by the methodology used and the ultimate research goal. Researchers use the literature review as justification for the need to conduct a study. A literature review can help in choosing the topic and the consideration of research questions. The literature review also suggests what gaps may exist because of under-research of the topic; prior theories on the subject, new observations as well as conflicts to be further investigated. According to Creswell (2009) a literature review can also be used to refer to a section of a research report that describes prior research on the topic, and describes three elementary usages of literature review in research: 1) literature is used to frame the problem in the introduction to the essay; 2) literature is presented in a separate section as a review of the ...

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