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    Annotated Bibliography Global Sourcing

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    Submit the Annotated Outline assignment. In this assignment, you will engage in scholarly inquiry to analyze evidence-based research and scholarly literature related to your selected topic.
    Locate at least three peer-reviewed sources that provide different evidence-based perspectives on the topic you identified.
    Identify 2-3 main underlying assumptions presented in the sources. Develop a 3-5 page review of the literature that compares and contrasts the perspectives regarding the underlying assumptions presented in the scholarly sources. Your review should identify the main ideas presented and should reflect a synthesis of the literature.

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    Consider the main purpose for an annotated bibliography hones on the ability to liste core data of the author(s) scholarly researched. Depending on your chosen subject, the selected bibliography can change depending on your overall objective to (1) to really pertinent information on the researched that is in relation to your chosen topic (2) the bibliography details that outline specifics related for conducting the research that supports the final findings to literature.

    Try and structure your annotated bibliography as below once you decided on a specific topic to write further in consensus.

    The below samples are leadership related "evidence based management".
    Booker, L. D., Bontis, N., & Serenko, A. (2012). Evidence-Based Management and Academic Research ...

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