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Annotated bibliography for an argument research essay

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Many times students are intimidated by writing an annotated bibliography because they do not know where to start. This solution will give the student some ideas of where to begin the annotated bibliography. Once the student understands why the annotated bibliography is important, the assignment will be easily understood.

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This solution discusses why annotated bibliographies are not as intimidating as most students believe. They will help the student write an argument that is effective, credible, and with authority.

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The first activity the student must do is refer to this site and read the information about annotated bibliographies:


The OWL at Purdue is one of the best sites on the internet for writing composition.

When students are asked to make annotated bibliographies they will often rely heavily on the internet for their sources, which is often a mistake. Relying on internet sources DOES NOT allow the student to find sources that are CREDIBLE and that have AUTHORITY.

When a professor asks a student to write an ARGUMENT essay he/she is looking for is a variety of perspectives that discuss the topic. Here is where the student ...

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