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    Advice for Paper & Bibliography on Gang Violence

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    Please help me put together a thesis statement and an Annotated Bibliography for a paper on gang violence.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. I understand how difficult it can be to keep on top of study materials. The topic is easy enough to research as Gang Violence is a well-covered topic research-wise and publication wise. I am glad that you know what a thesis statement is - this is usually seen as the 'road map' of any research. It tells readers what they can expect from it and it also takes a position which is of course a debatable one. But that is what research does - it asks questions and seeks answers and oftentimes when it asks those questions, it does so from a particular perspective. It therefore asserts rather than observes. Thesis statements are results of some serious brainstorming where one mulls over the topic and comes up with a beginning point to start the research. Basically, it is the argument of the author that is then proven in the rest of the paper. In full method research, we refer to it as a hypothesis - the position that must be proven and argued. Before we can start with your annotated bibliography, it is important for us to form a thesis statement as that is the only way we can decide what materials you can use to base your research from. For this solution, I suggest the following thesis statement:

    "Early entry into gangs exposes and ensures destruction of young lives towards a life of criminality in American inner cities."

    I have ...

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    The solution provides advice in putting together a paper on Gang Violence, in particular, a suggested thesis statement and a list of useful articles and books as well as a list of online resources/articles that can be used in researching the topic. Advice on how to present an annotated bibliography is also given.