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Ideas for a paper about youth violence

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Develop and write a one-sentence thesis statement, which identifies your narrowed topic and states your claim (thesis/position).
To plan your argument essay for Unit 3, write a detailed sentence outline for the sections of your paper that includes the introduction and body. Each section should state your ideas in complete sentences. You may write an informal or formal outline.
Write a topic sentence for each of the three supporting reasons for your thesis sentence (in line with chapter 17).
Download an example sentence outline from http://www.oakton.edu/learn/sentence.htm
Write a paragraph briefly explaining why your topic and your viewpoint are important to you and your audience.
Create a reference list by writing a reference citation in APA format for each source.
The final version of your essay will be created and submitted in the next individual project.

Using material from your earlier individual project (thesis statement, outline and references), write a polished first draft of an argument essay. Your submission should follow the guidelines discussed below.

Format your project in APA manuscript style in the following order:
Title Page
References list
Write the essay using the argument pattern of development: claim (thesis), supporting reasons, and evidence.
Write the essay using a formal tone and style, which avoids the use of personal pronouns (you, I, me, or we).
To support your thesis statement and supporting reasoning, cite evidence (facts, statistics, and expert viewpoints) from a minimum of five (5) sources from the AIU Library databases in the text of your essay with in-text citation and include corresponding reference citations in your reference list. This is not optional; you must use sources to support your thesis statement.

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Dear Student,
I truly appreciate you choosing Brainmass with us here. Since you have cleared with me on the areas of help you need for this assignment, I will now go ahead and help you in these terms so that you will be able to complete it in a timely manner. I will be providing you with an immediately effective outline as well as other guidelines so that you can finish the paper in the shortest time possible. If for any reason, should you run into trouble writing any parts of this assignment, please do not hesitate to come back and ask for more questions so as to clarify what you may not have understood from this first set of responses. I can guarantee that with all the help you'll get here, you will be able to write the paper in a timely manner.

As for Part 1,
The first crucial key concept to identify is doubtless, the following part~thesis statement, which identifies your narrowed topic and states your claim (thesis/position). Your next question is then, "What is a thesis?" "How should I create a thesis for the topic I have chosen?" I will help you address this by giving you guidelines and examples not from my own writing. As a part of the Brainmass team, I am not supposed to be writing assignments for you or anyone else who posts homework with us here. I hope you understand; this way, we are here to help you become more effective and efficient learners. Without further "lecturing", let's begin the journey of building a thesis statement for your chosen topic.

Since "Youth Violence" is so broad, you might want to brainstorm this idea by listing out other smaller ways that may relate to it. From performing a quick web research, I have acquired information that, "Serious violence is part of a lifestyle that includes drugs, guns, precocious sex, and other risky behaviors." (One legitimate website to check for facts and details on this topic is the following: http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/984090068.html)

I was thinking more in terms of "gang membership", "gang formation", and "aggravated assault".....Then again, you need to decide for yourself which of these areas you want to narraow your broad topic such as "youth violence" down. Thus, you can choose any three of these areas for your thesis statement in order to make that an argument.

More specific details and guildelines on how to CREATE a thesis statement~
1. An argumentative paper makes a claim about a topic and justifies this claim with specific evidence. The ...

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