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Hi Xenia Jones,

I have already written my 10 page final paper, APA formated, references, and instruction on what I was supposed to be writing about on my final paper.

I need your expertise with outlining my final paper with annotated bibliography? My paper is due 2/4/2012 Here the link that shows examples: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Could you please help me with this project?

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Dear Student,
Hi. Of course I can. As you can see, the Purdue OWL is already providing you with the advice as to what to do in terms of writing APA format papers. Since you have already written your 10-page paper, it appears to me that you already have what you need for the project. All that you need is assistance in editing. Since you did not attach your current material (what you have written so far), I cannot do this editing for you. Since you did not indicate the topic of your research study, I can only give you a very general outline. I suggest the following:

1. Cover page - this is your cover page - the title of your paper, your name, your faculty/college, date, your professor's name and other details (1 page)
2. Abstract - for a 10-page paper you need to provide an abstract. ...

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This particular solution provides help to a student struggling to put together an outline and an annotated bibliography for a 10 page paper following the APA format. The 'how to' advise will suit any outline and annotated bibliography struggles as this is a fits-all design, whatever the specific topic maybe.

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