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How to prepare an annotated outline and bibliography

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Prepare an annotated outline for your project.
Prepare an annotated bibliography for your project that consists of 8 to 10 references.

My topic is " Being a Black Male."

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First I'd like to note that this assignment you've posted and topic is huge. The first step is to narrow your focus and get organized. I highly recommend going through your notes and materials from class to see what you have on how to prepare an annotated outline and an annotated bibliography. Your topic, "being a black male" is very complex particularly because race and gender on their own have immense amounts of existing research and an additional large amount of material exists on the relationship between race and gender as well as how the combination of 'black male' creates a new category with new complexities as well.

The way to approach this assignment is to narrow it down further. To explain the points, I'm going to use a similar but different identity to show you one way in which to proceed. I'm going to use the identity "being a Latino male in the United States".

First, to create an annotated outline, you need to conduct some background research so the more efficient approach would be to prepare your annotate bibliography first. I'm confident that your instructor provided you with some information as to what an annotated bibliography is. Basically it's an extended bibliography that provides a very brief outline and full citation of a your resources. The idea is to provide a means to organize existing studies and academic articles on your topic to enable you to ...

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A short explanation of how to create an annotated outline and an annotated bibliography using race, class, and gender as an example.

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Annotated Outlines and Bibliography

Hi Mark,

Please note, follow the instructions for the questions below:

(1) Prepare an annotated outline and bibliography of at least 7 to 10 references
Begin with a basic outline and add detail describing what will occur in each section of the paper.

(2) For major headings, you should include several descriptive sentences or a short descriptive paragraph. For minor subheadings, a sentence or two is sufficient. If you know which articles will be included in each section, it is fine to indicate this in the annotated outline.

(3) Briefly describe the topic, problem, and questions intended to explore in the final project, and discuss how qualitative or quantitative methods could be used to study this issue.
Keep in mind the intended purposes, and research goals of each methodological approach.

(4) Finally, create a timeline for completion of the final project, identifying any barriers to successful completion of the final project.

(5) Use the complete APA reference for each article or source, and briefly describe each reference including how it will add value to the project.

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