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    Annotated Bibliography

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    First, select a curriculum area such as science, math, or English, or select a business area such as real estate, sales, and so on. Search the Internet and/or the AIU Library in one of these areas:

    Learning Activities
    Learning Outcomes
    Based on your research, create an annotated bibliography of four websites that you find useful for your educational practice in either curriculum development or lesson planning. In each annotation, be sure to explain your reasons for choosing the websites (1-2 Paragraphs). If you are not sure how to create an annotated bibliography, search the Internet for guidelines and examples.

    Finally, give a brief explanation of how the Internet can be used by educators as they prepare their content, activities, or learning outcomes in the curriculum development process. Be sure to justify your position and document sources used in APA style (2-3 Paragraphs

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    I have provided info below that should guide you through the annotated bibliography process and provides an example.


    In an annotated bibliography includes both bibliographies for the sites used as well as a quick summary. I teach chemistry, so I have provided science-based sites. You should use this general format with your own area of expertise. This site (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/) provides APA format guidelines. This site (http://www.lesley.edu/library/guides/citation/APAanno.pdf) provides annotated bibliography guidelines.

    Commonwealth of Kentucky. (2009). Curriculum Maps. Retrieved April 9, 2009. http://www.education.ky.gov/KDE/Instructional+Resources/Curriculum+Documents+and+Resources/Teaching+Tools/Curriculum+Maps/.
    This website describes what curriculum maps are and how they are used. It also provides additional links to sample curriculum maps sorted by category. Curriculum maps are year-long maps that detail ...

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    This solution describes how to make an annotated bibliography and includes a sample annotated bibliography dealing with science curriculum design with four cited sources.