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    Special Education Key Terms/Definitions, Part 200.1

    Special Education is mandated by Part 200 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education - Students with Disabilities. This quiz focuses on key definitions necessary for understanding the special education field.


    What is the name of the meeting that is scheduled each school year with the team involved in the education of a student who has been identified with a disability, or who has been brought to the attention of the Special Education Committee as possibly requiring services?


    What is the process utilized to identify the reason(s) a student demonstrates specific behaviors that disrupt his or her access to the curriculum? Section 200.22(a) outlines the requirements of the assessment.


    Which environment refers to a student's educational placement providing the services needed to the greatest amount of time with students who are not identified with special needs?


    What is the name of the plan that involves a specific process when developing supports for students, usually in conjunction with an FBA? This plan describes the behavior that is impeding the student's progress with learning and hypotheses.


    What is the name of the committee that includes team members for a student's preschool education program? Section 4410 of the Education Law governs the functions of this committee.


    What is the name of the committee that includes team members for a student's education program? Section 4402 of the Education Law provide for the requirements of this committee.


    How many classifications are recognized by the Committee on Special Education for students with disabilities?


    What is the name of the legal, written document which is created, modified, and analyzed under section 200.4, including the provisions outlined in section 200.4(d)(2)? This document is the crux of a student's special education program and includes progress, challenges, present levels, services, and goals.